Ashes, feathers, wax & fire (Pt. I)

by Ave

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'Ashes, feathers, wax & fire (Parte I)' es el primer lanzamiento de Ave, y la realización final de una idea musical y poética concebida hace ya muchos años y desarrollada a lo largo de varias colaboraciones con diferentes músicos.

Abarca varios géneros, y contiene tanto piezas concebidas para conjuntos musicales anteriores como composiciones inéditas e improvisaciones en estudio.


released 21 August 2011

- Música y letras de Julián A. Rodríguez
- Arreglos en 'Firewings' de Julián Formica & Alvaro Sisti.
- Grabación, VSTs y mezcla de Julián A. Rodríguez.
- Copyright 2012, información al contacto.



all rights reserved


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Ave La Plata, Argentina

Ave es un proyecto solista, pseudónimo del músico platense Julián A. Rodríguez. Originalmente destinado a encauzar todas las ideas impracticables con una banda real, la propuesta de Ave nace en 2010. Eventualmente culmina en la grabación de tres demos ('flickering demos'), y luego de un EP ('Ashes, feathers, wax & fire I'), primera parte de una trilogía de lanzamientos ya concebida. ... more

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Track Name: Underwater sun
I - Underwater sun

Caught behind barred windows,
too many nights to lie.
Green days predate deep nights:
underwater sun
reaches, reminds of my crime.

Charred wings of wax and ash:
a song to announce my rise
echoes in hollowed waves,
burns the tides.
Track Name: Burning tides
II - Burning tides

Track Name: Firewings 2011
III - Firewings

Drown, eternal crown of thorns inside:
to the temple of the damned I made my way and
died, fading away.
Chained to the maze to dread the day,
wreck of Icarus, last flight
to meet the ocean line and

blight right away,
forever prey
to this fright.

Left to wither through eternal nights,
shed my life in crimsom tears under the whip
of man, for crawling close to the sun.
In sadness, raging madness, free inside;
in frustation, sweet elation of suicide:

rings out of the ash
my cry, reborn
to avenge my fall.

The eternal wail of man
reaches down to this den.
Awakening to the call of the star...
by her side tonight I'll ride.

Blazing flame
drawn from the stars:
angel in wreath
pierce through the night.

Tonight the past goes dark,
wild fire light my eyes;
the moon calls me to rise
out of this jail:
new blood runs through my veins,
the winds shall howl again
to burn my sins
with firewings.
Track Name: Will
IV - Will

You'll keep me waiting,
you'll keep me dead inside.
You'll keep me shaking, (sick waking up)
you'll steal my mourning sighs.

And I'll feel
I don't belong here.

You'll keep my eyelashes,
you'll keep my thirsty wrists.
You'll keep the hours (minutes past by)
below your empty chest.

And I'll feel
I don't belong here.

Yes, I'll feel
I don't belong.
Track Name: Demon of silence
V - Demon of silence

Demon of silence rose above the tides
to feed on the absence, breed nonsense
and harvest my dreams, rip the words I had sown,
words on violence and freedom unborn.

Follows the trails through the land,
smithing with deafness all along the way 'f
embers, nightmares my wings left behind:
seething anger below the night sun.

Breaks crimson dawn, he falls on my back... lies!
Severs the tongues left behind, rights to defy
apathy, and pray but to
wake up from these nights of eternal hate.

Stuck in his limbo, and fog grows around... lies!
Trading the minutes for wings to defy
apathy, and pray but to die.

''Won't you turn around and face me?
Glowing eyes on the eyes of the one who exhales the void.
Uttered silence in your ears,
mouthed words invoke this fear:
seed of poetry, whispered hope
in the words you long to hear.''

Cries I'm waiting to drown,
music wont suffice.
Bound to slay silence
'ere the sun goes around.

Lines keep on flowing
under no light.

He's fading slowly,
and all the sorrows wash away.
Sun's gone, and the land is dark,
see the creatures bow and pray.

At the break of dawn a spark of conscience
while the tides engulf his dry remains:
wish him reborn, for now I know it was
he who trimmed reality this way.

Demon of silence
rose from the tides:
then seconds turned to hours,
emptiness to dust,
pale figures breaking from the grey.

All the words I'll deny
save the will so to save my

Track Name: Wax & ash
VI - Wax & ash

Facing oblivion inside in a silent prayer,
tortured by demons of silence below the ocean line.
Scattered remains all around, neverending maze,
‘n’ hidden beneath lie these pieces of broken disguise.

Search and you’ll find the trace:
wax on the sea…
Down to the fortress
of dwelling misery.

Feel the gaze of t’dead, demanding…
Lifeless pearly their broken eyes,
fixed on the blur of emerald light.
Underwater sunrise.

reach out, head to nowhere, out of this den.
In the frantic kissing of insanity
I burn.

Trails of vapor reflect on the crimson moon,
demons beheaded are sinking to reach the ocean floor,
their anisette blood spreads tonight in vermillion bloom,
boiling the watery remains of the wings I once bore.

Watch the blasphemous coil
in agony,
sons of a harlot
who feasts in sanity.

See the clouds burn down, enthroning,
the red night sun rules above it all,
gives me away to t’ worms of revenge,
easing their lust for flesh.
Track Name: Icarus' rhapsody
VII - Icarus' rhapsody

Mirthless I wait for the night
to cast a veil of dreams:
quieten the sound of the raging tides,
ease the turmoil of the wind.

I dread these briefs moment of lucidity;
razor sharp words, glaring eyes of a bird.
Patterns that no man could best,
nightmares or daydreams awakening the beast in her nest.

A metaphore written in blood:
elusive mirage, the ghost by the road
won't vanish at Icarus' behest:
'Waning, pale eyes of the sky,
crimson star bleed me dry
line your poetry on my chest'.

Branded by desire,
waiting for t'rain to fall
down and drown the pyre
of the unborn.

Children of my ire,
glitter wild and get away:
silence growing dire,
demon is again


Left the submerged maze
to find it in cicling hours
deep down my chest.
This will but a turn of the page
of Balance, eternal revenge.
leave silence to wake a new sense.

Ghastly her hands wave from over the road
and soon she'll be gone through a veil of dark mud.
No bouquet, but a rose left to dry on the ground
all that's left to remember my flickering, withering bride.

A metaphore written in blood:
elusive mirage, the ghost by the road
won't vanish at Icarus' behest.
'Waning, pale eyes of the sky,
crimson stars bleed me dry
line your poetry on my chest'.

(Free to fly now:
damned to roam the skyes,
carrying the burden of years past. )

Craving for slate clean,
pictures to dissolve,
I travel
all the way back home.

Burn until the wind
stirs but blurry memories.
And then bid farewell
to my underwater den.

Only then bid farewell
to my underwater den.
Once reason's destroyed,
but wait for the void.